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September 2006 - You can now order our CD online with a secure credit card payment or PayPal. See our CD page.

You can also buy a copy at:

  • Eos in Wolfville, Nova Scotia.
  • Union St. Cafe, Valley Naturopathic Centre in Berwick.
  • Or order one on our CD page.
"[Cuckoo Moon] fill their music with the pulse and beauty of their Valley surroundings, set to a rhythm as soothing as the flow of the Fundy tide.... supple harmonies and imaginative arrangements."
Stephen Cooke, Chronicle Herald

(Nancy Ackerman photo)

The all-female quartet Cuckoo Moon starts with strong vocal harmonies, mixes in guitar, accordion, recorder and percussion, and serves it all up with an engaging, inviting performance. The group's rootsy folk music celebrates life through thoughtful and original songwriting and arrangements.

This summer while filming a documentary on folk music at the Lunenburg Folk Festival I chanced upon the extraordinarily talented Cuckoo Moon. After days of filming performances a very burned out film crew stopped dead in their tracks when they heard an incredible harmony emanating from the gazebo in the centre of town. Cuckoo Moon has the kind of raw energy that can turns heads. I can't wait to hear more.

Donna Davies

A full Cuckoo Moon is a rare event. It sometimes seems as though hearing all four members of the group, Kate Adams, Cathy Arsenault, Carrie Harlow and Heather Holm, performing together is as rare an event as a sighting of the proverbial blue moon. It all came together recently at the Night Kitchen performance in April. It is not often that we hear the individual voices and guitars of Kate and Cathy joined by Heather's accordion and recorder or Carrie's vocal harmonies all in one place and one time. They live busy lives. Lucky for us this celestial group has such individual talent that they are able to adapt to their various lunar phases. A three quarter, half, or even a quarter Cuckoo Moon offers a special evening's entertainment. Cuckoo Moon, in whatever phase, illuminates the landscape of the mind and the heart. The life stories of these four interesting individual women find their way into their songs in a way that allows the audience to identify with their experiences and share the intimacy of their lives. The two, three and four part harmonies join the individual soloist in a musical conspiricacy that is infectious and very personal. This is woman power as mysterious as the ocean currents and with the tidal pull to create very big musical waves!

Sandy Mackinnon

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